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Omaha Real Estate by FSBOinOmaha

Omaha Real Estate by FSBOinOmaha

For Sale By Owner in Omaha (FSBOinOmaha) has been around for many years. We started the business back in 1996. The idea came about when some friends that were trying to sell their home asked us to create a simple page for the internet with their home information. Others saw this page and asked us to do the same. Back then we didn’t all have digital cameras through our phones. We scanned photos to get them on-line. Eventually (expensive) digital cameras arrived. They were so uncommon that we used to offer a service where we would come take digital photos of your home. Obviously that service is no longer needed. Over time we updated our site and listing process. Of course the greatest value and efficiency came about when we started using databases to run the site. Today the site is run by eleven separate databases, and it has never run smoother. We have automated everything we possibly could to make things efficient and fast.

Along with our business changes our logo also evolved over time.  Here is one of our past logos:

Retro FSBOinOmaha

Retro FSBOinOmaha Logo

FSBOinOmaha has always been based on a business model of FREE listings. Advertising and additional services fund the business. This concept has withstood the test of time. We’ve seen many other business models come and go, but FREE has always had a promising future. So that it can continue, please carefully consider our advertisers for your real estate needs:

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