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Why should I add my Omaha Home listing to FSBOinOmaha?

Omaha homes are For Sale By Owner in Omaha

Omaha homes are For Sale By Owner in Omaha

There are several good reasons to add your Omaha Home to FSBOinOmaha.  First of all, the site is viewed by literally thousands each month. Second, the price is right. Listings are FREE. Plus, people are just waiting to see your listing.  Through our site buyers can join our new listing notification service. Those that signed up will be notified when your listing comes in.  Another good reason to place your listing on FSBOinOmaha is that you are able to provide a photo and much more detail about your home than you’d be able to through a newspaper ad.  By placing your web site address in your newspaper ad (we’ll provide you the short and specific url), you’re giving customers an opportunity to learn more details about your Omaha home.  Additionally, folks browse our site looking for a home.  So you’ll want to make sure you are listed here.

Is it really FREE?

Yes, it is free.  No strings attached.  The site is supported through advertising and additional services (see all of our services).  Be sure you give our advertisers an opportunity to provide your mortgage servestitle/closing services, and realtor services.  Please check them out.  They make this Omaha home For Sale by Owner site possible.

What else comes with my FREE listing?

Along with the basic information about your Omaha home, you’ll have a map showing where your Omaha home is located and a comment area where you can provide more specifics about features.  If you have a digital picture of your home, we’ll be able to add it to your FREE listing of your Omaha home.  Prepare your FREE listing now.

Because your service is free, do you profit by selling our email address?

NO!   Your email address is not sold.  We take great pride in protecting your privacy.  Read our privacy statement.   To that end we have protected your email address through this site.   Visitors can not see or extract your email address, but they can still email you questions.  Having said that, you can expect periodic emails from us with your listing counter information or announcing site service changes.  These emails may include promotional information from our site sponsors.

Can I add a photo to my listing for FREE?

YES!  After you have submitted your free Omaha home listing log into the Seller’s Area and add your photo.  Your photo will be automatically and immediately added to your listing.  It is that simple.

Can you go directly to my listing without coming through the front end of this site?

Yes, the direct address is FSBOinOmaha.com/ plus your listing number.  So, if your listing number is 100 your direct address would be FSBOinOmaha.com/100.  You can place www. in front of this address, but it is not necessary.  Many use this direct address in their newspaper ad so that those interested can learn more about their Omaha home, i.e. see more at FSBOinOmaha.com/100.

Is there a way I can find out how many have viewed my listing?

Yes there is.  Follow the Seller’s Area link.  Log into your private Seller’s Area.  From there you can see counter information, edit your listing, add photos of your Omaha home and more.

What other services do you offer?

  • Featured Listing – As a Featured Listing your home will be seen on every page of the site:  on the home page; and on the sidebar of every other page of the site.
  • Premier Listing – A Premier Listing places your listing where everyone can see it at the top of the listing page.
  • More Photos – Maybe you have additional photos (beyond your one FREE photo) that you would like to add to your listing.
  • Highlighted Listing – Make your listing stand out on the listings page by highlighting it.
  • Internet web address and virtual tour links are also possible.

See our Seller’s Area for more details and to place your order for any of these services.

How long will the listing stay on FSBOinOmaha?

After your listing has been on FSBOinOmaha for 90 days, it will be removed.  When your Omaha home sells, simply indicate sold (through our Seller’s Area feature) and we’ll remove your listing entirely after 90 days.

How do I edit my listing?

Follow the Seller’s Area link found throughout the site.  Key in your listing number and password.  After making changes to your listing data, simply press the ‘Submit’ button and your changes will be completed and immediately placed on-line.  Review your changes to confirm accuracy.  Be sure to use the browser’s refresh or reload button to ensure you’re viewing the most up to date listing information.

I’ve forgotten my password.  How do I find out what it is?

Follow the Seller’s Area link.  Press the ‘Did you forget your password?’ link.  Provide your listing number and your password will be emailed to you.

How do I indicate my home sold?

If you sold your home, please indicate it as “sold” through the Seller’s Area.  You’ll see the sold link on the main menu once you’d logged into the Seller’s Area.  We’ll delete your listing from the site at a later date.

How do I delete my listing?  We decided to list it with a realtor?

If you’ve listed your home with a realtor and you’d like your listing immediately deleted, here is the procedure.  Follow the Seller’s Area link.  Key in your listing number, password and press the Enter Seller’s Area button.  You’ll find the ‘Delete Listing’ link in this Seller’s Area.  After you confirm your desire to delete the listing it will be immediately removed.  Please note that deleted listing data can not be restored.  A new listing would need to be initiated if your listing was inadvertently deleted.

Thank you for using For Sale By Owner in Omaha to sell your Omaha home!


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