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“Thank you so much for putting our home on your web. You were a great service to get our home out there for people to see. I will definitely recommend your service. Thanks again. Carroll Smith “

“You’re site worked perfectly for us. Thank you for the opportunity to save the equity in our home by selling it ourselves!”

“Fantastic website. We used Dakota Title & Escrow Co. for our closing. Thanks to your website, we had almost 300 hits in one month! BRAVO!”

“Thanks for your service! It helped tremendously.”

“Great service and great web page setup – very user friendly!  Thanks! “

“Thanks so much for your service.  It was easy to use and our buyers located our house on your website.  We couldn’t be more thrilled!”

“Very satisfied with the service, and would highly recommend it to another FSBO. Thanks, Jeff and Carol”

“Thanks again for your great service. This is my second sale via your service and both times at or near full price!”

“We sold only 3 days after listing it as a “featured listing” Thank you. The Rezacs”

“This is a wonderful site. It is great to be able to check the number of hits and to compare your property to others. I will recommend this site to others buying and selling their homes”

“We found a buyer in eight days!  Found a great real estate attorney through advertising on this site.  Thank-you for this service, my family and I will leave Omaha in early June with this neatly wrapped up.”

“This is a GREAT service you provided. Had several out-of-towners who saw our home on FSBOinOmaha. The home was sold to one of these buyers. Thanks much and we’ll gladly use your service again.”

“I sold my house because of your website. I highly recommend it to everyone. Sold in 1 week after listing with you. I have tried for 3 months on my own.”

“Your service worked very well for us, especially once we flagged our listing with a “Featured Listing” tag…the foot traffic to our open houses increased exponentially.”

“Your website was absolutely WONDERFUL! Easy to use, easy to set-up…the counter was really nice also!! THANK-YOU!! Our buyers found our house on the website!! Sincerely, Derek and Donna Harris “

“Thank You very much for this service.  We appreciate all the time involved in maintaining it.  We sold our home in 11 days to our first prospective buyer!!  Thanks again Robin Zellers”

“Absolutely fantastic. Easy to navigate site.  We sold the house in two days. Used sponsor Dakota Title & Escrow. THANKS. -Michelle and Mike Rule”

“We sold our home in just 7 days to the second person to contact us after seeing our listing on your website!  What excellent results we’ve experienced!  Thanks so much!  Todd and Peggy Steckelberg”

“The website is wonderful. Our buyer found our home on this site. The option to add pictures is a great selling point. This site is very easy to use and is always updated in real-time. Thanks FSBOinOmaha! Ember and Chad Nelson”


“Had eight showing from FSBO and only two from the newspaper! Great site.”

“My husband and I were very happy with your services. We had a number of phone calls from people who saw our house on FSBOinOmaha.com. Thanks again for your services.”

“Great site! This site was very easy to use, and it was the way in which my buyers found my house.”

“I couldn’t have been happier with the ease of usage of this site. I have recommended it to several people. Thank you! “

“I really glad for your service; this helped me a lot and I got my buyer from here….I had a lot of people came for visiting the house because they all saw the house on this web site….Thanks a lot FSBOinOmaha.com.”

“This was a wonderful service and we really appreciate your assistance with the sale of our home. Your site really helped us advertise, and this was what we found we needed since we weren’t listing through a realtor.”

“FSBO in Omaha did a great job for us–we have told many of our friends about your service. Thank you!”

“We were very happy and pleased with this service. The photos that you took looked professionally done and made a great presentation. We feel that this service was instrumental in selling our home. Thank you!!!”

“… you guys came through … thank you for your web site”

“Terrific website and a great resource and advertising tool. I especially like the each ad is managed online by the seller – easy to update, add photos, etc. Thanks!”

“I didn’t actually get a chance to communicate with anyone in your firm because our house sold so fast but I was very impressed with your service and especially the number of visitors to my site. Thank you.”

“I sold our home exclusively as a result of listing it on your web site. I appreciate the opportunity to use your services. I would like to strongly recommend this web site to anyone trying to sell their home on their own without a real estate agent. The title company took care of all my details and worries once I received an offer from the buyer. The buyer was from out of state and saw it on your web site. You saved us $17,000 in real-estate fees and allowed us to give the buyer a super good price on our home. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“We sold our house in 5 days with your help. Thanks!!”

“It works.”

“Your service was how I sold my home. A man from TN saw it on the web site and flew in to tour our home.”

“You have an incredible web site, I owe the selling of my house to you.”

“Your site was fabulous – very easy to use and edit. We took new pictures but before we could post them our house sold. We will recomend this site to anyone buying/selling a home. Thanks!”

“Great web-site. We got calls from Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Florida.”

“Thanks for the service. The counter is a great way to track the traffic.”

“Thanks for the free listing service! I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again and I will recommend others to use your services.”

“Thank you for the free listing on FSBOinOmaha – we had quite a few responses from the listing – It was great!”

“Thank you for providing this free service! We had the web address listed on our flyer … in fact, our buyer contacted us via email through this link!”
J & T

“This site was so easy to use!  This was our only form of advertising other than the yard sign.  It was money well spent!  Also, the customer service was outstanding!  We have recommended your site to friends!”
Jeff & Stephanie Hansen

“FSBO in Omaha provides an excellent service and is an excellent cost saving tool. Even though our property was listed for almost a year we sold at our asking price and saved $19,355. Thanks for this great service!!”

“Your website was great! We got more traffic from it than from the one we paid for.”

“Very user-friendly. Appreciated the counter information sent via email.”

“Thank you so much for your free service!! The first people to contact me from your web site bought my house!! Your service was great!!! I will recommend you to anyone I know selling a house. Thanks again!”

“Thank you so much for your great web site and all of your help. In just 15 days, our listing had 531 “hits” and we sold our home to a buyer who found it on fsboinomaha.com! Thank you!”
J. Jensen

“Our home sold … thanks for your help. This site is one of the best around as the speed and ease to use are great.”
Harold Flemmer

“I would like to thank you for your excellent service. Utilizing your service, the local paper, and street signs we were able to get a contract on the house in eight days. Thank you for providing an excellent service.”
Jim Walters

“Just wanted to say thank you for your services. We listed our home on your site and sold it in 10 days!!! We took advantage of adding digital photos to our ad, and had a tremendous response!! Thanks again. We’ll be sure to recommend your site!”
Bob and Barbara Young

“I wanted to thank you for the information that you provide on your website. It enabled me to buy a house from an owner at a substantially lower cost. Your notification of new houses that were available were always timely and informative. Just thought maybe you’d like to know that the whole process is still working. Thanks again. “
Donna Lake

“We have a great testimonial for your web site. We never had a sign in the yard, or put an advertisement in the paper. Our purchase of a fsboinomaha.com Premier Listing is all we spent to advertise our house. This is truly the lazy man’s way to sell a house.”
Ann Stubbendeck

“We sold our house in ONE week using fsboinomaha! Thank you so much for providing such an economical and effective way to sell a house-we didn’t even have time to get an ad into the paper! We will definitely recommend your services to others who might be selling their home. Thanks again!”
Ed and Therese Pille

“We thank you so much for your services. You have helped us sell our home on our own and saved us thousands of dollars. Thanks.”
Dan Heimann

“Your service has been impeccable and I will recommend your site to anyone selling their home FSBO.”
John McGauvran

“… we have put this url in the Sunday ad and have gotten great response from it.  People have seen the ad in the paper and viewed the detailed info on the web before our open house.”
Val Collins

“Thank you for your assistance.  (Yes, our buyers DID find our listing on the internet!!!!)”
Jana Hamke

“We SOLD our house!  Thank you for the lising.   We will recommend the site to anyone we know selling their house.”
Herb Kaiman

“Your services were free and easy.  I recommend it for anyone selling a home.”
David Spinar

“Thanks for this wonderful service.”
Dave and Krissy Preucil

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